National Geographic May 2004


Hanoi, the Soul of Vietnam { Hanoi: Shedding the Ghosts of War}
Hanoi A returning journalist finds the city of poets energized by opportunity, respectful of its ghosts, and seductively charming. BY DAVID LAMB PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
Maya Royal Grave { Unlooted Grave of a Maya King; Place of the Standing Stones: Unearthing a King From the Dawn of the Maya}
Maya Royal Grave Fit for a king, one of the oldest known Maya burials is discovered unlooted in southwestern Guatemala. BY CLIFF TARPY PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
Whitesburg, KY: The Hills Are Alive { ZipUSA: 41858: Different Drummers; ZipUSA: Whitesburg, Kentucky}
ZipUSA: 41858 What do you get when you cross a banjo picker and a punk rocker? A Kentucky town that moves to its own beat. BY TIM BROOKES PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
Cuba, Kansas ( pop. 231) { The Great Plains, Part 2: Pulling Together- -30 Years in the Life of Cuba, Kansas}
Cuba, Kansas Native son Jim Richardson has been creating an intimate portrait of this Great Plains town for 30 years- and counting. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON
Europe’s Big Gamble { In Focus: Europe’s Big Gamble}
Europe’s Big Gamble As the European Union expands to 25 nations, its 74 million new citizens wonder how their lives will change. BY DON BELT
Ballard Expedition 2003 { Being Bob Ballard; Going Deep With Bob Ballard; . .. Ancient Wrecks Await: Ballard Expedition 2003}
Being Bob Ballard The explorer went looking for deepwater shipwrecks. As usual, he found them- but not without deep trouble. BY PETER DE JONGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID McLAIN
Alaska Wolves on the Hunt { Life and Death in Alaska; Dance of Death}
Life and Death in Alaska Wolves ( and bears) move in for the kill as a wounded moose makes his last stand in Denali National Park. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY YVA MOMATIUK AND JOHN EASTCOTT
Change of Heartland: America’s Great Plains { The Late Great Plains; The Great Plains, Part 1: Change of Heartland}
The Late Great Plains After generations of trying to bully America’s heartland into producing, many farmers are giving up. But others are changing their ways, working with the land on its own terms. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON

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