1986 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 1986

    Queensland, Broad Shoulder of Australia
    Kangaroos and cattle outnumber Aussies in this wide- open state where traditional values are staunchly preserved, says William S. Ellis. Photographs by David Robert Austen. With a special report on unique fossil finds.
    Hood River Adventure { On Canada's Hood River: Clues to a Tragic Trek}
    John W. Lentz and photographer Todd Buchanan find relics of the first Canadian expedition of Sir John Franklin, whose quest for the Northwest Passage ended in tragedy.
    C. M. Russell, Cowboy Artist
    Montana's rough- and- ready frontier life lives on in the paintings, sketches, and sculpture of a self- taught genius portrayed by Bart McDowell and photographer Sam Abell.
    Switzerland: The Clockwork Country
    Behind the postcard scenery of snow- topped Alps lies a fortress nation with well- armed citizen- soldiers determined to guard its neutrality. John J. Putnam examines the propensity for order that keeps Switzerland ticking. Photographs by Cotton Coulson.
    Freshwater Turtles- -Designed for Survival
    Discovering how these armored reptiles have gone almost unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs may help science ensure their continued existence. Biologist Christopher P. White and photographer Bill Curtsinger track species of the eastern U. S.

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  • National Geographic February 1986

    Ndebele People- -Pioneers in Their Own Land { Dilemma of Independence for South Africa's Ndebele People: Pioneers in Their Own Land}
    Offered nominal independence in a homeland, South Africa's Ndebele people cope with daily survival in a nation beset by increasing violence over its apartheid policy. David Jeffery and South African photographer Peter Magubane report.
    Grizz -- Of Men and the Great Bear
    Grand in size and mystique, the grizzly has been diminished by relentless erosion of its habitat. Is North America big enough for the big bear? Asks naturalist Douglas Chadwick.
    Banaras: India's City of Light
    Celebrated as a center of faith and learning, Hinduism's most sacred site draws an endless stream of pilgrims. The distinguished India- born author Santha Rama Rau and U. S. Photographer Tony Heiderer capture the spirit of this holy place on the Ganges.
    Madrid: The Change in Spain
    Beneath the gloss of a cosmopolitan capital John J. Putnam finds the soul of a Spanish village. Photos by O. Louis Mazzatenta.
    Tide Pools: Windows Between Land and Sea
    Delighting the careful beachcomber, the intricate life in these natural aquariums depends on the bounty of shifting tides. Photographer Robert F. Sisson reveals the treasures cupped in marine pools.

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  • National Geographic March 1986

    Secrets of the Giant Panda { Secrets of the Wild Panda}
    Survivors in an ever diminishing habitat, China's living national treasures need protection. Zoologist George B. Schaller reports on an international project to save them.
    Narwhals, Arctic Unicorns { Narwhals Duel in Arctic Seas; Narwhal: Unicorn of the Arctic Seas}
    Flip Nicklin captures photographs of bizarre duels among these little- known denizens of northern seas, being studied by biologists John and Deborah Ford.
    Britain's Pennine Way { On Britain's Pennine Way; Walking Britain's Pennine Way; To Scotland Afoot Along the Pennine Way}
    David Yeadon walks the 270- mile trail from central England into Scotland. Photographs by Annie Griffiths.
    Sam Houston, a Life Larger Than Legend { Sam Houston: A Man Too Big for Texas}
    A statesman, soldier, and frontiersman, the champion of Texas independence was a giant of his age, reports Bart McDowell, a son of the Lone Star State. With photographs by Charles O' Rear and a double supplement map - - The Making of America: Texas.
    Morocco's Holy City of Fez { Morocco's Ancient City of Fez}
    A medieval time capsule, the Islamic center lives in the past while fighting an exodus to its nearby modern counterpart. By Harvey Arden, with photographs by Bruno Barbey.
    Tenn- Tom Waterway: Bounty or Boondoggle? { Tenn- Tom's Troubled Waters; The Tennessee- Tombigbee Waterway: Bounty or Boondoggle? }
    Is the new barge route linking the Tennessee and Tombigbee Rivers another pork barrel, or will the two- billion- dollar project boost the South? Carolyn Bennett Patterson and photographer Sandy Felsenthal report.

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  • National Geographic April 1986

    Rio Azul - Lost City Of The Maya

    Looters Rob Our Past

    In Defense Of Collectors


    Under Antarctic Ice

    Japanese Americans: Home At Last

    Africa's Flying Foxes

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  • National Geographic May 1986

    The Serengeti { The Glory of Life}
    From African grasses and acadia leaves to the majesty of the animals, author Shana Alexander writes about the diversity of life on the Serengetti Plains and the dangers threatening its future. Photographs by Mitsuaki Iwago.
    The Serengeti { A Photographic Portfolio}
    The endless drama of Africa's great animal preserve is captured by photographer Mitsuaki Iwago. Author Shana Alexander attunes herself to the area's timeless rhythms of predator and prey, and finds poachers upsetting a once balanced ecosystem.
    Rising, Shining Tennessee
    New industry and a fresh appreciation of down- home values lift the Volunteer State toward a brighter time, Priit Vesilind and photographer Karen Kasmauski report.
    Earthquake in Mexico
    A continent- wrenching jolt registering 8. 1 on the Richter scale kills more than 9, 000. By Allen A. Boraiko, with photographs by James L. Stanfield and Guillermo Aldana E.
    Eruption in Colombia
    Volcanic heat melts glacial ice, releasing a mudflow that engulfs the town of Armero. Bart McDowell and photographer Steve Raymer survey the disaster scene.
    When the Earth Moves
    Shifting crustal plates trigger cataclysms that take more than 32, 000 lives in Mexico and Colombia, raising questions about man's ability to forecast natural catastrophe.
    Newfoundland: The Enduring Rock
    Wedded to the sea, Canada's least developed province pins its hopes - - and fears - - on offshore oil, Harry Thurston relates. Photographs by Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott.

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  • National Geographic June 1986

    Tracking the Elusive Snow Leopard
    Solitary hunter of Himalayan slopes, the snow leopard is one of earth's rarest large cats. By radio signals, Rodney Jackson and Darla Hillard follow the carnivores through Nepal's rugged Langu Gorge.
    The Tea and Sugar Lifeline in Australia's Outback
    You can get almost anything - - from beer to sermons - - when this freight rolls into isolated towns on the bleak Nullarbor Plain. Erla Zwingle and photographer William Albert Allard ride the outback rails.
    Bikini - A Way of Life Lost
    Can the citizens of Bikini Atoll - evacuated from this atomic test site 40 years ago - - ever return to their Pacific island home? William S. Ellis investigates their options, and James P. Blair photographs their plight.
    The World of Tolstoy
    With broad vision and sympathy for all mankind, this Russian literary giant wrote novels for the ages and helped mold the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Peter T. White and photographer Sam Abell visit shrines of his literary labors.
    Our Immune System: The Wars Within
    An army of special cells on continuous search- and- destroy missions guards the body against disease - - but cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and the deadly AIDS virus prove mighty enemies. Peter Jaret reports on the battlefront. Photographs by Lennart Nils

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