National Geographic May 1986

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The Serengeti { The Glory of Life}
From African grasses and acadia leaves to the majesty of the animals, author Shana Alexander writes about the diversity of life on the Serengetti Plains and the dangers threatening its future. Photographs by Mitsuaki Iwago.
The Serengeti { A Photographic Portfolio}
The endless drama of Africa’s great animal preserve is captured by photographer Mitsuaki Iwago. Author Shana Alexander attunes herself to the area’s timeless rhythms of predator and prey, and finds poachers upsetting a once balanced ecosystem.
Rising, Shining Tennessee
New industry and a fresh appreciation of down- home values lift the Volunteer State toward a brighter time, Priit Vesilind and photographer Karen Kasmauski report.
Earthquake in Mexico
A continent- wrenching jolt registering 8. 1 on the Richter scale kills more than 9, 000. By Allen A. Boraiko, with photographs by James L. Stanfield and Guillermo Aldana E.
Eruption in Colombia
Volcanic heat melts glacial ice, releasing a mudflow that engulfs the town of Armero. Bart McDowell and photographer Steve Raymer survey the disaster scene.
When the Earth Moves
Shifting crustal plates trigger cataclysms that take more than 32, 000 lives in Mexico and Colombia, raising questions about man’s ability to forecast natural catastrophe.
Newfoundland: The Enduring Rock
Wedded to the sea, Canada’s least developed province pins its hopes – – and fears – – on offshore oil, Harry Thurston relates. Photographs by Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott.

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