1985 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1985

    Hampton Roads, Where the Rivers End
    Since colonial times this protected Virginia roadstead has been a vital shipping artery. William S. Ellis and Karen Kasmauski explore rejuvenated Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, and their environs.
    16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { Excavating a 400- year- old Basque Galleon}
    Archaeologists James A. Tuck and Robert Grenier describe the discovery of a 400- year- old whaling station and sunken ships.
    16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { Unearthing Red Bay's Whaling History}
    James A. Tuck excavates centuries- old Basque whaling stations at Red Bay on Labrador's coast.
    16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { Discovery in Labrador: A 16th- Century Basque Whaling Port and Its Sunken Fleet}
    Among the first to reap treasures of the New World, Basque voyagers made the Labrador coast the center of a booming oil industry. Photos by Bill Curtsinger and paintings by Richard Schlecht.
    16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { The Indomitable Basques}
    Robert Laxalt traces the Basques' history and long record of exploration.
    Israel: Search for the Center { Israel: Searching for the Center}
    A young nation strives to maintain age- old traditions in a high- tech, high- risk world. By Priit J. Vesilind and James L. Stanfield.
    Iran Under the Ayatollah
    Photojournalist Michael Coyne, with a team of Australian filmmakers invited to Iran by its revolutionary leaders, found a nation locked in religious fervor and an ongoing war.
    Saving the World's Largest Flower
    Deep in the rain forests of southeastern Asia, botanist Willem Meijer seeks rare specimens of a spectacular plant with yard- wide blossoms. Photographs by Edward S. Ross.

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  • National Geographic August 1985

    The Land Where the Murray Flows
    From mountains to sea, Louise E. Levathes and David Robert Austen follow the problems and promise of the Murray River, lifeblood of Australia's major agricultural region.
    Our Restless Planet Earth { Illustrations text}
    Slowly, inexorably, the face of our world is changing. New tools help scientists tell where we' ve been and where we' re going. Rick Gore and photographer James A. Sugar document the latest discoveries.
    The Pearl
    These aquatic gems have long measured wealth, majesty, and romance. Fred Ward traces the history of pearls into today's mass culturing of many varieties.
    Fossils: Annals of Life Written in Rock
    From the birth of microscopic bacteria 3. 4 billion years ago to a 25- million- year- old saber- toothed cat fight, secrets of Earth's history are chronicled in rock. By James L. Amos and David Jeffery.
    Senegambia: A Now and Future Nation
    Already united by cultural heritage of their people, two governments have joined forces in transportation, defense, and communications. Michael and Aubine Kirtley explore the confederation of Senegal and the Gambia.

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  • National Geographic September 1985

    Sichuan: China Changes Course { Sichuan: Where China Changes Course}
    Traveling through China's most populous province, Ross Terrill and photographer Cary Wolinsky discover a new spirit of individualism and private enterprise flourishing.
    Home to Kansas
    Oceans of wheat share prominence with aviation, mental health clinics, and grass- roots politics, native son Cliff Tarpy reports. With photographs by Cotton Coulson.
    Sailing in Jason's Wake { Jason's Voyage: In Search of the Golden Fleece}
    Adventurer Tim Severin and his crew of 20th- century Argonauts said in the wake of the mythical navigator on his grand quest. Photographs by John Egan and Seth Mortimer.
    Eritrea in Rebellion { Eritrea: Region in Rebellion}
    In northern Ethiopia, Marxists fight Marxists in a bloody war whose only winners are famine and disease. Photojournalist Anthony Suau reports on the suffering.
    Alexander von Humboldt, Geographic Pioneer { Humboldt's Way: Pioneer of Modern Geography}
    A man of unrivaled curiosity, Alexander von Humboldt explored Spanish America and wrote towering 19th- century scientific works. Loren McIntyre follows the German baron's New World travels from Orinoco jungles to meetings with President Thomas Jefferson

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  • National Geographic October 1985

    The Triumphant Trumpeter Swan { The Triumphant Trumpeter}
    The world's largest swan was thought to be nearly extinct 50 years ago. Charles A. Bergman and Art Wolfe relate its surprisingly successful status today.
    In [ Bounty] 's Wake: Finding the Wreck of H. M. S. [ Pandora] { Wreck of H. M. S [ Pandora] : Tragic Sequel to [ Bounty] Mutiny}
    Luis Marden, who found the Bounty's remains 28 years ago, dives on the vessel sent in pursuit of the mutineers. Pandora foundered on an Australian reef with manacled prisoners still inside a deckhouse cell.
    Frankincense Trail { Arabia's Frankincense Trail}
    Great kingdoms arose on wealth derived from the fragrant resin coveted throughout the ancient world. Thomas J. Abercrombie and Lynn Abercrombie retrace the route of the camel caravans through Arabian lands little changed since the trade's heyday.
    The Two Samoas, Still Coming of Age
    Sharing a common heritage, American and Western Samoa follow different paths. Robert Booth and Melinda Berge explore these South Pacific islands.
    Usumacinta River- -Troubles on a Border { The Usumacinta River: Troubles on a Wild Frontier}
    Exploring the river that separates Mexico and Guatemala, S. Jeffery K. Wilkerson and David Hiser trek a dense tropical ran forest that shelters ancient Maya ruins and all- too- modern guerrilla bases. Proposed dams threaten the region's heritage and eco

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  • National Geographic November 1985

    The Search for Early Man { The Search for Our Ancestors: Stones, Bones, and Early Man}
    The origins of mankind have intrigued science for centuries. Kenneth F. Weaver and photographer David L. Brill traveled the world to learn the latest interpretations of the fossil record. Paintings by Jay H. Matternes.
    [ Homo Erectus] Unearthed: A Fossil Skeleton 1, 600, 000 Years Old
    Kenya's backcountry yields a 1. 6 million- year- old fossilized boy - - the best preserved, most complete skeleton of an early human yet found. Excavators Richard Leakey and Alan Walker report. Photos by David L. Brill.
    The Great Good Places: English Country Houses
    English country houses have long been showcases of the upper classes. Architectural historian Mark Girouard and photographer Fred J. Maroon tour these incomparable monuments to life in the grand manner.
    Kluane: A Century of Exploration
    Veteran climber Barry C. Bishop recounts a century of St. Elias mountaineering.
    Kluane: Canada's Icy Wilderness Park
    Nature governs the Kluane reserve, an enormous fastness of glaciers, peaks, and forests, where Douglas Lee and George F. Mobley share an adventure pairing danger and beauty.

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  • National Geographic December 1985

    Daniel Boone, First Hero of the Frontier
    Sorting fact from fiction, Elizabeth A. Moize tells the story of the legendary frontier hero. Photographs by William Strode.
    How We Found [ Titanic]
    A U. S. -French scientific expedition, led by Robert D. Ballard and Jean- Louis Michel, uses high technology to locate the wrecked liner two and a half miles down in the North Atlantic and record unforgettable images.
    Vatican City
    The world's smallest sovereign state is also the powerful heart and headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and its 800 million members. James Fallows and photographer James L. Stanfield provide an intimate tour, including a closeup perspective of the
    Vatican City { The Photographer's Perspective}
    James L. Stanfield's portrait of Pope John Paul II.
    Vatican City { Treasures of the Vatican}
    Drawn from the centuries, select masterpieces in the Vatican's dazzling collection are revealed by staff photographers James L. Stanfield and Victor R. Boswell, Jr.
    Nicaragua: Nation in Conflict
    Mike Edwards travels the length and breadth of this key Central American nation to report on the Sandinista revolution, now entering its seventh year. Photographs by veteran cameraman James Nachtwey.

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