National Geographic November 1985


The Search for Early Man { The Search for Our Ancestors: Stones, Bones, and Early Man}
The origins of mankind have intrigued science for centuries. Kenneth F. Weaver and photographer David L. Brill traveled the world to learn the latest interpretations of the fossil record. Paintings by Jay H. Matternes.
[ Homo Erectus] Unearthed: A Fossil Skeleton 1, 600, 000 Years Old
Kenya’s backcountry yields a 1. 6 million- year- old fossilized boy – – the best preserved, most complete skeleton of an early human yet found. Excavators Richard Leakey and Alan Walker report. Photos by David L. Brill.
The Great Good Places: English Country Houses
English country houses have long been showcases of the upper classes. Architectural historian Mark Girouard and photographer Fred J. Maroon tour these incomparable monuments to life in the grand manner.
Kluane: A Century of Exploration
Veteran climber Barry C. Bishop recounts a century of St. Elias mountaineering.
Kluane: Canada’s Icy Wilderness Park
Nature governs the Kluane reserve, an enormous fastness of glaciers, peaks, and forests, where Douglas Lee and George F. Mobley share an adventure pairing danger and beauty.

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