National Geographic October 1985


The Triumphant Trumpeter Swan { The Triumphant Trumpeter}
The world’s largest swan was thought to be nearly extinct 50 years ago. Charles A. Bergman and Art Wolfe relate its surprisingly successful status today.
In [ Bounty] ‘s Wake: Finding the Wreck of H. M. S. [ Pandora] { Wreck of H. M. S [ Pandora] : Tragic Sequel to [ Bounty] Mutiny}
Luis Marden, who found the Bounty’s remains 28 years ago, dives on the vessel sent in pursuit of the mutineers. Pandora foundered on an Australian reef with manacled prisoners still inside a deckhouse cell.
Frankincense Trail { Arabia’s Frankincense Trail}
Great kingdoms arose on wealth derived from the fragrant resin coveted throughout the ancient world. Thomas J. Abercrombie and Lynn Abercrombie retrace the route of the camel caravans through Arabian lands little changed since the trade’s heyday.
The Two Samoas, Still Coming of Age
Sharing a common heritage, American and Western Samoa follow different paths. Robert Booth and Melinda Berge explore these South Pacific islands.
Usumacinta River- -Troubles on a Border { The Usumacinta River: Troubles on a Wild Frontier}
Exploring the river that separates Mexico and Guatemala, S. Jeffery K. Wilkerson and David Hiser trek a dense tropical ran forest that shelters ancient Maya ruins and all- too- modern guerrilla bases. Proposed dams threaten the region’s heritage and eco

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