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National Geographic May 2001

By Eric

Black Sea Discoveries: Startling Evidence of an Ancient Flood { Black Sea Mysteries; Deep Black Sea}
Black Sea Mysteries Ancient shipwrecks and telltale shells bring to life epics of distant trade and a prehistoric flood. BY ROBERT D. BALLARD PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
[ Pterosaurs] { The Rise of Life on Earth: Pterosaurs, Lords of the Ancient Skies}
Pterosaurs Largest animals that ever flew, pterosaurs ruled the skies for 150 million years before their sudden demise. BY RICHARD MONASTERSKY PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONATHAN BLAIR ART BY JOHN SIBBICK
Jaguars: Phantoms of the Night { Phantom of the Night}
Jaguars These elusive cats rank among Latin America’s supreme predators. Conservationists seek to connect their isolated refuges. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE WINTER Web Special Watch wild jaguars being radio collared and hear the big cat
The Fragile World of Frogs
The Fragile World of Frogs Victims of pollution, disease, and habitat loss, amphibians are vanishing all over the globe. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE GRALL
Marco Polo: Venice to China { The Adventures of Marco Polo, Part I}
The Adventures of Marco Polo The storied Venetian trader escapes bandits, rampaging rivers, and sandstorms to reach the border of far- off China in this first of three articles. BY MIKE EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL YAMASHITA
Deadly Haven: Mexico’s Poisonous Cave
Deadly Haven: Mexico’s Poisonous Cave An under- world of hydrogen sulfide harbors life- forms awesome and awful. BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN ALVAREZ
ZipUSA: 87347: Down Home At the Truck Stop { ZipUSA: Jamestown, NM; ZipUSA: Jamestown, New Mexico}
ZipUSA: Jamestown, NM Pull the rig into this mammoth truck stop and get a meal, a shower, and some spiritual renewal. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY

National Geographic October 2001

By Eric

Rain Forest at Night { Rain Forest Night Creatures; Night Shift in the Rain Forest}
Rain Forest at Night Darkness summons a menagerie of creatures that slither, leap, and buzz through Southeast Asia’s forests. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
California’s Volcanic North { Northern California: Where Volcanoes Sleep; Once and Future Fury: California’s Volcanic North}
California’s Volcanic North Sleeping volcanoes inspire eerie fables and New Age religions as well as fear of deadly lava spills. BY PRIIT J. VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON
Light: Dazzling Enigma { The Power of Light}
Power of Light It sways our moods and grows our food. A ubiquitous and enigmatic form of energy, light now shines as the tool of the future. BY ] OEL ACHENBACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOE McNALLY
China Treasures: Startling Discoveries at Imperial Tombs { Treasures of Ancient China; Rising to Life: Treasures of Ancient China}
Treasures of Ancient China Terra- cotta statues- soldiers, farm animals, a potbellied entertainer and his troupe- are being uncovered at the tombs of two early emperors. BY PETER HESSLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY 0. LOUIS MAZZATENTA
Swahili Coast: East Africa’s Ancient Crossroads
Swahili Coast A unique Islamic heritage anchors the ports of East Africa, for centuries a mecca for Arabian and Indian merchants. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CAPUTO
ZipUSA: 00601: How Coffee Saved Adjuntas, Puerto Rico { ZipUSA: 00601: Strong Coffee, Sweet Songs; ZipUSA: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico}
ZipUSA: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico In the plaza of this mountain town, traditional songs mix with the aroma of rich coffee. BY LINDA GOMEZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
Field Dispatch: Kenya { New Leakey Find: Meet Kenya Man; Meet Kenya Man}
Meet Kenya Man Humankind’s family tree sprouts a new branch with Meave Leakey’s discovery of a hominid skull.
Tracking the Leopard { Tjololo: Tracking the Leopard}
Tracking the Leopard Silent as silk, a five- year- old spotted cat prowls his 14, 000- acre territory in the South African veld. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KIM WOLHUTER

National Geographic January 2002

By Eric

U. S. S. [ Enterprise] : Zip on the High Seas { ZipUSA: 09543- 2810: The Big E; ZipUSA: U. S. S. [ Enterprise] }
ZipUSA: U. S. S. Enterprise Now hear this: More than 5, 000 men and women live on the Big E, a place where mail call is priceless and 30- ton jets roar off the flight deck 24 hours a day. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY TERU KUWAYAMA
China’s Unknown Gobi: Heart of the Desert { Alashan: China’s Unknown Gobi}
China’s Unknown Gobi Spring- fed lakes, thousand- foot- high sand dunes, and the ghosts of an ancient walled city lie at the heart of the remote Alashan Plateau. BY DONOVAN WEBSTER PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ
Wolf to Woof { The Evolution of Dogs: Wolf to Woof}
Wolf to Woof After wild dogs learned not to bite the hand that fed them, French poodles weren’t far behind. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
World of Islam: United by Faith { In Focus: The World of Islam}
In Focus: World of Islam Earth’s fastest growing religion, with six million followers in the U. S. alone, reveals striking diversity. BY DON BELT
The New Europe: Instant Superpower { The New Europe}
The New Europe With its own parliament and currency and a common aspiration for peace, the European Union declares itself – in 11 official languages- open for business. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY STUART FRANKLIN
Hotspots: Preserving Pieces of a Fragile Biosphere
Hotspots: India’s Western Ghats Treasured watershed of India, these coastal mountains feed grasslands, forests, and a burgeoning human population. Biologist E. O. Wilson introduces a series examining such hotspots- among Earth’s richest ecosystems. BY
Dogs: A Love Story { A Love Story: Our Bond With Dogs}
A Love Story Some dogs work for us- hunting, herding, guiding- but others just dote on us, and we love them for it. BY ANGUS PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHS BY RICHARD OLSENIUS

National Geographic January 2003

By Eric

Inside Egypt’s Secret Vaults { Egypt’s Forgotten Treasures}
Egypt’s Forgotten Treasures They’ ve opened the vaults. An exclusive look at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum centennial exhibit includes stunning antiquities on display for the first time ever. BY ZAHI HAWASS PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
Weaving the Future { Dreamweavers}
Dreamweavers The textiles of tomorrow are still on the drawing board. But one day- maybe not so long from now- they could take humans to outer space, make soldiers invisible, keep people in touch with their friends, and move buildings. BY CATHY NEWMAN PH
Strangest Volcano on Earth? { Ol Doinyo Lengai}
Strangest Volcano on Earth? In a remote corner of Tanzania stands an astonishing mountain called 01 Ioinyo Lengai, where lava fountains harden in midair then shatter like glass. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, ] R. PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
Japan’s Winter Wildlife { When the Frost Lies White: Japan’s Winter Wildlife}
Japan’s Winter Wildlife A frosted stage gathers red- crowned cranes, whooper swans, sika deer, and snow monkeys. Can Japan turn an ancient reverence for its animals into modern conservation? BY JENNIFER ACKERMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
45701: One Day, 114 Cameras { Photo Olympics: Athens, OH; ZipUSA: Athens, Ohio}
ZipUSA: Athens, Ohio And they’ re offi From dawn to dusk one cloudy day, 114 photography students at Ohio University head out to document a rural zip, and learn a few things along the way. BY LARRY NIGHSWANDER
China’s Great Wall { Driving the Great Wall; The Great Wall; Chasing the Wall}
The Great Wall Over the centuries the Chinese built not one wall but a vast network of walls to keep foreigners out. Now two foreigners, a writer and a photographer, set off on an unprecedented mission: to follow as much of the walls as they can by car,

National Geographic July 2003

By Eric

Dangerous Divide { Divided Korea: Face- Off Along the DMZ; Korea’s DMZ: Dangerous Divide}
Dangerous Divide As North Korea steps up its nuclear threat, it’s business as usual along the DMZ- the narrow strip of land that has split the Korean peninsula for 50 years. There the two armies, the South’s backed by 20, 000 U. S. troops, wait for the
The Animal Mating Game { Animal Attraction: It’s His Show, But It’s Her Choice}
Animal Attraction Males will do whatever it takes to win the mating game: sing, dance, fight a rival, build a house, give a gift. But in the end, it’s usually the females who do the choosing. BY VIRGINIA MORELL
Everybody Loves Atlantic Salmon: Here’s the Catch. .. { Where Have All the Salmon Gone? ; Atlantic Salmon}
Atlantic Salmon Farm- raised salmon now outnumber wild fish nearly 85 to one. As wild stocks dwindle, this legendary sport fish has become the veritable chicken of the sea. BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN
One Day, Three Peaks { Three Peaks Challenge; A Mad Dash Up 3 Peaks in 3 Countries: It’s All in a Day’s Climb}
Three Peaks Challenge How to be a Three Peaker: Run up the mountain. Run down the mountain. Do it three times in three different countries. And finish in under 24 hours. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEL SARTORE
Bronze Age China { China’s Bronze Age Recast; The New Story of China’s Ancient Past}
The New Story of China’s Ancient Past A trove of artifacts has shattered China’s traditional story of its origins- but the new narrative, like the old one, still packs a political punch. BY PETER HESSLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA ART BY HONGNI
Circus City: Peru, Indiana: Where You Don’t Have to Run Away to Join the Show { Little Hoosiers Under the Big Top; ZipUSA: 46970; ZipUSA: Peru, Indiana}
ZipUSA: 46970 Every July the kids in a midwest town don frilly costumes and fly through the air ( with the greatest of ease) . Has Peru, Indiana, lost its mind? BY LYNNE WARREN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVE YODER


THE TWO KOREAS(31 x 20 1/4 inches)
Included: Inter- Korean summit convened by Kim Jong Il of North Korea and South Korean President Kim Dae Jung; the latter’ s Sunshine Policy continued by his successor, Roh Moo- hyun. ; Also included: Notes on Northern Limit Line, the DMZ, Korean islands
Included: Maps and illustrations that chart the course of the Korean War from the North Korean invasion June 25, 1950, through the protracted truce talks that brought the armistice of July 27, 1953; brief histories of the peninsula from 1894 through 1948

National Geographic February 2004

By Eric

06830: Greenwich Dream Time { ZipUSA: 06830; ZipUSA: Greenwich Dream Time; ZipUSA: Greenwich, Connecticut}
ZipUSA: 06830 Old money, new money- in Greenwich, Connecticut, millionaires are a dime a dozen. BY DAVID RAKOFF PHOTOGRAPHS BY CATHERINE KARNOW
Carbon Cycle { The Case of the Missing Carbon}
The Case of the Missing Carbon Hooked on fossil fuels, humans pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fortunately, plants and ocean waters gather it in. But what happens when the planet’s great carbon recycling system goes awry? BY TIM APPENZELLER PHOT
A Chinese Empire to Rival Rome { Han Dynasty}
Han Dynasty As mighty in the East two thousand years ago as the Romans were in the West, the Han emperors- brilliant, cunning, and cruel- left a mark on China that endures today. BY MIKE EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHS BY O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA
Inca Expedition { Lost Outpost of the Inca; Mystery Mountain of the Inca}
Lost Outpost of the Inca Could this mountain stronghold also have been the home of an earlier, as yet unknown people? An expedition probes the intriguing ruins of Cerro Victoria. BY PETER FROST PHOTOGRAPHS BY GORDON WILTSIE
Canada’s Great White Bears { Great Whites of the North; Polar Bears; Polar Bears: White on White}
Canada’s Great White Bears A polar bear paparazzo brings back close- up images of these Hudson Bay celebrities. BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY NORBERT ROSING
World’s Fastest Monkeys { Kenya’s Patas Monkeys: Life on a Fast Track}
World’s Fastest Monkeys Kenya’s patas monkeys not only run fast, they eat fast, reproduce fast- and some are dying fast. BY LISA MOORE LAROE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANUP AND MANO) SHAH
South Pacific Coral Hideaway { South Pacific Hideaway; Phoenix Islands: A Coral Reef Wilderness Revealed}
South Pacific Hideaway On the healthy reefs of the Phoenix Islands, scientists find new species and clues to preserving paradise. BY GREGORY S. STONE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN