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Worlds to Explore: Classic Tales of Travel and Adventure

By Eric

Worlds to Explore: Classic Tales of Travel and Adventure


“These stories are like potato chips; one is never enough, and they’re all but impossible not to devour in rapid succession. Moreover, they lend themselves to repeat reading…” -Library Journal “Suiting the armchair as well as they did as long as a century ago, these articles will be popular indeed.” -Booklist Worlds to Explore evokes that bygone era in which the pages of National Geographic were as close as most people could get to high adventure and faraway lands. The 54 tales reproduced here immerse today’s readers in wonder and thrill of exploration before the age of mass tourism. Along with notable explorers such as Edmund Hillary, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and Teddy Roosevelt, other less famous travelers take us to places few Americans had ventured before. We follow as “An Unbeliever Joins the Hadj,” trek “Across Tibet from India to China,” and take “A Round Trip to Davy Jones’s Locker.” Introduced by brief essays that provide context and perspective, these engaging selections speak for themselves-and trace the National Geographic Society’s growth as it explored the unknown and brought it home to readers eager for knowledge of “the world and all that is in it.”



Format: Paperback, 438 Pages

Published: 2006

ISBN: 0-7922-5487-2

Condition: Used

Work: The World in Photographs

By Eric

Work: The World in Photographs

National Geographic is pleased to present our new Collectors Series. Each volume is a fresh presentation of one of our world-famous photography books. Our first volume, Work, showcases this most universal human pastime through images culled from National Geographic’s vast photographic archive as well as other important collections. This fascinating, wide-ranging volume presents a wonderfully varied group portrait of people at work-in great cities and tiny villages; in 19th-century China and 21st-century New York; in fields, factories, food carts, four-star restaurants, and just about everywhere else we earn our keep. Here are cowboys and clowns, shepherds and shopkeepers, street musicians and artists’ models all plying their assorted trades; on one page a professional quarterback fires off a pass as the crowd cheers him on, on the next a lone fisherman casts his net in the silent solitude of a Pacific lagoon, and on the next a nomadic tribesman erects a yurt on the Mongolian plain. From the glamour of a Parisian fashion show to the grit of an African diamond mine, there are countless ways to make a living. Work illuminates scores of them offering revealing glimpses into various eras and cultures and engaging the reader with entertaining text and informative captions. With a wonderful mix of the utterly unexpected and the instantly familiar, this vivid panorama takes an essential human activity and shows us myriad ways in which work is at once universal and delightfully, unforgettably unique.



Format: Hardcover, 352 Pages

Published: 2008

ISBN: 978-146203015

Condition: Used (May not contain dust cover)

Dinosaur Collection

By Eric

Six years, covering seven decades of dinosaur theory. Now at a discount.

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Articles Include:

Parade of Life Through the Ages: Records in Rocks Reveal a Strange Procession of Prehistoric Creatures, from Jellyfish to Dinosaurs, Giant Sloths, Saber- toothed Tigers, and Primitive Man (February 1942)
Fossils help scientists piece together the history of dinosaurs, mammoths, early birds, and primitive mammals.

Startling Finds Prompt. .. A New Look at Dinosaurs (August 1978)
They ruled the earth for 140 million years, then disappeared. Were some of them warm- blooded? Did some evolve into birds? Paleontologist John H. Ostrom discusses new ideas about those terrible lizards, brought back to life by artist Roy Andersen.

Dinosaurs (January 1993)
Astonishingly adaptable, they roamed the earth for 165 million years. New evidence reveals that some nested in rookeries and migrated in groups. A supplement map depicts the dinosaur presence in ancient North America.

Dinosaurs Take Wing: The Origin of Birds (July 1998)
New fossil discoveries from China reveal astonishing feathered creatures that lived more than 120 million years ago and appear to confirm what scientists have long theorized: Birds are dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Come Alive; Flesh and Bone: A New Generation of Scientists Brings Dinosaurs Back to Life (March 2003)
Dinosaurs Come Alive Step aside, bone diggers and fossil hunters, a new generation of scientists is using computer modeling and a better understanding of living animals to bring dinosaurs back to life- virtually.

Big Bad Bizarre Dinosaurs (December 2007)
Fossil finds are revealing how evolution took some dinosaurs in bizarre directions, from domed skulls to sickle- shaped toenails.


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Global Collection

By Eric

Covering Africa, China, Australia, Ireland, Russia and Mexico the Global Collection serves as the perfect jumping off point. Purchase the collection and start exploring today.

Map October 1953

By Eric

National Geographic Map October 1953
Side 1 – Map: China Coast and Korea
Side 2 – Blank