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National Geographic July 2014

By Eric

Life Beyond Earth

One of the oldest questions may be answered in our lifetimes: Are we alone?

The Next Breadbasket

Africa’s fertile farmland represents both challenge and opportunity.

A Moveable Feast

That banana in your bowl has a few miles on it.

The Wells of Memory

One man’s walk around the world continues.

Big Fish

The goliath grouper struggles to survive.

Empire of Rock

China holds the planet’s greatest concentration of karst spires and caves.

National Geographic May 2013

By Eric

New Clues to a Long Life

You want to live to 120? And stay healthy? Genetic discoveries could make that wish come true.

Siberian Sanctuary

Wrangel Island was once thought to be a magical realm. That’s not so far from the truth.

Unsilent Zimbabwe

The violent rule of Robert Mugabe has shattered a nation. But he cannot still the voices of the people.

The Curse of Fertilizer

Could agriculture destroy our planet?

Element Hunters

A new atom is born. And then it vanishes. And the search for undiscovered elements goes on.

Turning Old Things Into New

Shrimp shells + silk protein = one of many freshly minted (and super-useful) materials.

Flying in the Face of Peril

Bears, snakes, and unhappy bureucrats can’t stop Cagan Sekercioglu from saving birds.

China’s Grand Canal

The ancient waterway linked north and south for centuries. Nowadays it’s a tourist draw too.

National Geographic June 2012

By Eric

Sunny, With Chance of Woe

The space-weather forecast: solar storms. What causes them – and how will they affect Earth?

At Home in the Outer Banks

Why move to a North Carolina barrier island? A photographer’s portfolio reveals his reasons.

Terra-Cotta Army: True Colors

Our exclusive artwork shows for the first time how China’s buried warriors really looked: glorious in reds and greens, purples and pinks.

Smitten by a Ural Owl

One fierce female didn’t mind becoming an Estonian photographer’s muse.

In China’s Shadow

Hong Kong is changing again. But into what – and molded by whom – seems most uncertain.

Yemen’s Legendary Island

Socotra is home to weird plants and animals that live nowhere else.


National Geographic January 2010

By Eric

A Better Life With Bionics

The blind can see, a one-armed woman can fold her shirts.

Sublime Scottish Islands

Some call the Hebrides bleak. They’re not paying attention.

Asia’s Wildlife Trade

Demand for pets and medicines drives illegal trafficking.

Restless Spirits

In modern-day China, the dead still make demands.

Befriending Nemo

Clownfish captivate moviegoers, scientists – and anemones.

The Singapore Solution

The “minister mentor” wields a big carrot and a big stick.

National Geographic May 2010

By Eric

A Mountain Transformed

Thirty years after the blast, Mount St. Helens is reborn.

Shocking New Saints

They’re adored by Mexican outlaws and ordinary folks.

The Secrets of Sleep

Scientists want to know why we do – and don’t – doze.

China’s Tea Horse Road

Remnants of the legendary trail lead to modern thrills.

Europe’s Wild Side

A team of photographers captures rebounding wildlife.

Lifeline for the Lynx

Spanish conservationists care for the wold’s rarest cat.


National Geographic June 2010

By Eric

Greenland’s Changing Face

{ Melt Zone } Dust lands, ice melts, rubber duckies drown.

{Viking Weather } Erik the Red’s warm clime returns.

Counting Cranes

How many whooping cranes are there? Not enough.

Mandela’s Children

South Africa wrestles with the legacy of apartheid.

Foja Mountains Fauna

In New Guinea, biologists find the craziest creatures.

China’s Caves of Faith

Ancient Buddhas draw millions to Dunhuang.