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Map July 1980

By Eric

National Geographic Map July 1980
Side 1 – The Peoples Of China
Side 2 – China Map

National Geographic June 2001

By Eric

Asia’s Last Lions

Chile’s Wild Coast

Into the Land of Extremes

Marco Polo II

In China


Finding Its Voice

U.S.S. Arizona

Oil and Honor at Pearl Harbor


Eternal City of West Africa

ZipUSA: 27513

Cary, North Carolina’s Big Small Town

National Geographic June 2019

By Eric

Wildlife Tourism

It’s a lucrative part of the booming global travel industry, fueled by social media users’ love of posing with exotic animals. But what wildlife tourist attractions do to amuse humans can have brutal consequences for animals.


The mammal is killed for its scales and meat.

The Brave Ones

These women rangers are shaking up the conservation landscape.

Pacific Ring of Fire

This 25,000-mile-long hot zone threatens growing populations.

Seaweed That Feeds

A stunning array of life fills the Sargasso Sea.

On Hallowed Beaches

Over the decades, a photographer has returned to the shores of Normandy to capture a place forever defined by war.

The Search of the Kissing Bug

Through some 300,000 people in the U.S. have this parasitic infection, many don’t know it.

Ma Jun

He gives people in China the power to fight pollution.

Trek to the Deep

In Vietnam, jungle and leeches greet hikers venturing into two of Earth’s largest caves.

Where Reptiles Rule

In a paradise on an isolated coral atoll, a phorographer discovers he’s just part of the ecosystem.

National Geographic February 2018

By Eric

Bird Brainiacs

A century ago, scientists believed that birds’ brains weren’t capable of the higher cognitive functioning found in humans and some other mammals. Now we know better.

They Are Watching You

The demand for security is increasing. Monitoring technology is proliferating. The result: We’re all under surveillance.

Where Wildlife Reigns

The Falkland Islands have often been contested ground. Today they shelter a dense and diverse population of wildlife.

Feeding China

With less than a tenth of the farmland but nearly a fifth of the population in the world, China must reshape its agriculture.

The Parent Trap

To discourage teen pregnancy, a Colombian program gives high school student babies – very needy robotic ones.

National Geographic July 2017

By Eric

Desperate For A Cure

In Venezuela, public hospitals turn patients away for lack of supplies, and most basic medicines are impossible to find. Out of options, the sick resort to spiritual healers.

The Crisis On The Ice

A dramatic rise in sea level is coming. But when?

The Beauty Below The Ice

A photographer finds plenty of life flourishing under Antarctic ice.

The Last Honey Hunter

Only one man can harvest the honey guarded by the world’s largest honeybees.

Flight School

High-speed cameras freeze hummingbirds in time and reveal the secrets of their darts and dives.

The Making of a Massacre

As vengeance for a leak, the Zetas drug cartel attacked a Mexican town.

Yellow River at Risk

Rapid development is fueling China’s rise. The cost may be a vital resource.

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