National Geographic September 1993


Britain’s Hedgerows
Modernizing farming and simple neglect threaten Britain’s living fences. Will public concern succeed in rescuing hedgegrowers and the wealth of wildlife they shelter?
New Sensors Eye the Rain Forest: Data Gathering on the Belize Frontier
In a high- tech experiment, NASA aircraft surveyed the fragile lands of Belize. Sensors able to detect felled trees provided rich images – – and hopes for global- monitoring missions.
India’s Rabari { Wandering With India’s Rabari}
Crisscrossing the countryside in the annual search for pasture, a caste of herders preserves traditions despite increased strains with villagers along the way.
The Pecos River { The Pecos- -River of Hard- won Dreams}
From legendary Billy the Kid to modern sheriff Punk Jones, the Pecos breeds characters. Doing whatever it takes is how folk survive along this time line of New Mexico and Texas history.
Czechoslovakia: The Velvet Divorce
Breaking up was peaceful for this 74- year- old central European nation of 16 million. Now, the Czech and Slovaks face the challenge of shaping fledging republics for a competitive world.

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