National Geographic September 1979


The Caribbees: From St. Vincent to Grenada { Taking It as It Comes: St. Vincent, the Grenadines, and Grenada}
St. Vincent, the Grenadines, and Grenada deal with life’s joys and woes one day at a time. Ethel A. Starbird and Cotton Coulson rove those windward West Indies through volcanic eruption and political upheaval.
Trouble in Bayou Country: Louisiana’s Atchafalaya
Plans to preserve Lousiana’s Atchafalaya swampland – – safety valve for Mississippi floods and an ecological treasure- house – – draw the ire of landowners. By Jack and Anne Rudloe, with photographs by C. C. Lockwood.
Bahrain: Midas of Oil { Bahrain: Midas Touch On the Persian Gulf; Bahrain: Hub of the Persian Gulf}
A tiny island sheikdom, banker for Arabia’s oil riches, builds a financial power base, Thomas J. Abercrombie and Steve Raymer report.
Far- Flung Search for the First Americans { The First Americans; The Search for the First Americans}
Who led the way across the Ice Age land bridge from Asia to the Americas – – and when? Hunters of early man are uncovering the trail writes Thomas Y. Canby; photographs by Kerby Smith, paintings by Roy Andersen.
Mosquitoes: Death on Fragile Wings { Mosquitoes, the Mighty Killers}
Earth’s most lethal insect spreads malaria, yellow fever, and other scourges that have killed untold millions, relates biologist Lewis T. Nielsen.
Flights of Fancy at Oshkosh { Oshkosh Air Show; Oshkosh: America’s Biggest Air Show}
Aviation buffs from around the world fly in for America’s biggest air show. Michael E. Long and James A. Sugar log the extravaganza.

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