National Geographic September 1976


The New Biology { The Awesome Worlds Within a Cell}
Mysteries fade away only to reveal greater mysteries as scientists strive to solve the riddle of life. Rick Gore and Bruce Dale help us glimpse this still- baffling universe of tiny worlds that all of us carry within ourselves. Paintings by Davis Meltze;
California’s Surprising Inland Delta
Dikes bespeak the Netherlands, fields of scarlet pomodoros hint of Italy. Add Chinese villagers, soil that burns or blows away, and cargo ships steaming into the heart of California. Judith and Neil Morgan find one surprise after anther in this often- o;
The New Biology { The Cancer Puzzle}
In his quest for clues to cancer causes, biochemist Robert F. Weaver studies one of life’s most primitive forms – – the slime mold.
Earth’s Richest Nation- -A Tiny Pacific Islet { Nauru, the World’s Richest Nation; Who Are Earth’s Richest People? ; This is the World’s Richest Nation- -All of It! }
For the moment, that honor belongs to the citizens of a Pacific islet called Nauru. Mike Holmes finds most Nauruans basking in today’s affluence while their officials worry about tomorrow – – the day the phosphate runs out.
India Struggles to Save Her Wildlife
Most of us are familiar with the threat to Africa’s wild creatures, but India’s stand in even greater peril. A team headed by John J. Putman and Stanley Breeden spent more than a year assembling this disturbing report.
The New Biology { Seven Giants Who Led the Way}
Today’s insights are firmly grounded in the work of a handful of pioneering biologists. Paintings by Ned Seidler.

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