National Geographic September 1975


South Korea: What Next?
Hard work, resilience, and vast U. S. aid have brought impressive economic advances to a country living under peril from without and within. Peter T. White and Korean- born H. Edward Kim report.
Greenland Feels the Winds of Change
Uncertainty clouds the future of a people seeking a place in the 20th century. John J. Putman and George F. Mobley assess their chances.
The Strangest Sea ( Red Sea) { The Strangest Sea}
Zoologist Eugenie Clark and photographer David Doubilet dive into a unique and spectacular marine kingdom. Including a 22- page color portfolio.
Mark Twain: Mirror of America
River pilot, gold miner, frontier reporter, humorist, cynic – – he captured the spirit of an ebullient, expanding nation. Noel Grove and James L. Stanfield roam the land of Huck Finn’s creator.
Among Alaska’s Brown Bears { Might Makes Right Among Alaska’s Brown Bears}
A four- year study of these huge land carnivores throws new light on their social life. By Allen L. Egbert and Michael H. Luque.

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