National Geographic September 1973


Last Stand for the Bighorn
Remnant bands of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep follow traditional migration routes between seasonal ranges along Idaho’s Salmon River.
Abundant Life in a Desert Land
Some 35 species of cactuses thrive in the Arizona preserve that takes its name from only one – – Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
Apollo Missions { What Is It Like to Walk on the Moon? }
The commander of Apollo 15 reflects on the three most memorable days of his life.
Apollo Missions { Have We Solved the Mysteries of the Moon? }
The answers to six questions about the moon sum up what we know and don’t know about Earth’s satellite.
Apollo Missions { Summing Up Mankind’s Greatest Adventure}
The Editor of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC reflects on the practical benefits and the meaning of the Apollo space program.
Apollo Missions { The Final Flight; Exploring Taurus- Littrow}
A crewmember of Apollo 17 reports on the experiences and findings of the final moon walks.
Change Ripples New Guinea’s Sepik River
On his third expedition to the interior, the author investigates the confusion created among New Guinea tribes by their increasing exposure to money culture.
Sunny Corsica: French Morsel in the Mediterranean
This mountainous Mediterranean island – – birthplace of Napoleon – – faced onslaught by world conquerors in the past. Now tourists invade.
Golden Ghosts of the Lost Sierra
Where forty- niners prospected for gold in a pocket of northeastern California, a handful of year- round residents relish the mountains and sometimes pan for gold.

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