National Geographic September 1937


Eclipse Adventures on a Desert Isle
Less than 200 miles south of the Equator in the windswept Pacific, Canton ( Kanton) Island was the temporary home of a group of scientists who observed a total solar eclipse from the windswept Pacific atoll.
Nature’s Most Dramatic Spectacle
A group of astronomers travel to Canton ( Kanton) Island in the Pacific Ocean to observe the total eclipse of the sun on June 8, 1937, the longest solar eclipse since A. D. 699.
Crossroads of the Caribbean
Just off the coast of Venezuela, Trinidad was discovered in 1498 by Christopher Columbus, who named the lush island after its three prominent mountains.
Platinum in the World’s Work
An extraordinary metal, platinum is a vital element in the manufacture of everything from jewelery to munitions.
Machines Come to Mississippi
From its busy capital of Jackson to its antebellum plantations, Mississippi, the Magnolia State, is turning from agriculture to industry with the help of modern machinery.

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