National Geographic October 2020


National Geographic October 2020 Highlights:

Reimagining Dinosaurs

It’s a new age of dinosaur discoveries. Using innovative scientific techniques and a flood of recently unearthed fossils, paleontologists are rewriting what we know about the ancient creatures.

Stolen Lives

Each year thousands of girls from Bangladesh and India’s West Bengal are sold into sexual slavery. Children whose lack of opportunity makes them vulnerable are tricked or abducted, then forced to work in brothels and red-light districts.

Amazon Raptors

Science, business join forces to help eagles.

Hiking U.S. Trails

Long-distance trails can take us to the nation’s last wild places.

Every Mother’s Son

African American mothers pose with the sons they fear losing to violence, in the photography project “Stranger Fruit.”

A Map for Aliens in Search of Earth

To replace the aging star map the Voyagers took into space, this pair devised a new one.

A Shark’s Perspective

A Crittercam placed on a shark’s fin captures photos where humans cannot go.

How COVID-19 Affects Animals

In addition to people, the disease has hit lions, tigers, mink, and more.

Disease Detective

This bioarchaeologist studies the DNA of ancient pathogens.

Sorrow and Resilience

A photographer covers the virus, and catches it.


On The Cover:
A male Deinonychus stands over hatchlings and eggs he’s brooding. Recent studies have produced many new insights into dinosaurs’ looks and behaviors.

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