National Geographic May 2020


National Geographic May 2020 Highlights:

Where Have All the Insects Gone?

Species are vanishing at alarming rates.

Coming of Age With Autism

Adults on the spectrum find work, love elusive.

Early Autism Signs

With swift detection effects may be limited.

A Wild Idea

In Argentina and Chile, millions of acres will be preserved as parkland.

Bodies in Motion

How animals evolved to move through life.

Italy’s Timeless Trails

A migratory tradition lives on in pastoral areas.

Hubble’s Heavenly Visions

Thirty years after its launch into orbit around the Earth, the optical telescope continues to reveal the secrets of deep space and make amazing images.

Meet Your Face’s Tiny Tenants

The author gets a look at her constant companions: microscopic face mites.

It’s More Than a Show

A photojournalist looks beyond North Korea’s propaganda.

Svalbard in Sight

In this remote Arctic region, the focus is squarely on nature’s grand displays.

The Exalted Valley

Community-based tourism is helping keep traditions alive along Ethiopia’s Omo River.

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