National Geographic June 2021


National Geographic June 2021 Highlights:


Tulsa Race Massacre

Enraged by prosperity in a Black community, white rioters attacked it in 1921, in one of the worst acts of terrorism in U.S. history.

The Race Card Project

Those conversations about race that seem too difficult? People are bravely starting them, six words at a time.

Envisioning Black Freedom

To stop perpetuating the racism of the past, the essayist says, “we must live like we understand what that history teaches us.”

Culture Clash

Mexico’s Maya beekeepers see their way of life threatened by Mennonite colonies’ expanding soy farms.

The Tree at the Bottom of the World

On this warming planet, which tree grows the farthest south? Our team seeks it out.

The Lure of Trieste

It’s been an overlooked gem in northern Italy. But the city may enjoy new recognition thanks to interest in its port.

Glass Sea Menagerie

Two 19th-century glass artists made detailed models of sea life, for use in research. Today they’re collector’s items and the objects of a still life odyssey.

A Fan Letter to My Favorite Spacecraft

The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope sees a cosmos so different from what our eyes see.

‘Bacon of the Sea’

Aquaculturists say this marine alga is rich in protein – and when fried, pretty bacon-y.

Tunnel Vision

Water whittled the fliffs and canyons of Utah’s Zion National Park.

Baking in Pompeii

Mount Vesuvius buried bakeries, but the bread survived. Now its recipe has been re-created.



A Yellow Penguin

Regrowing Joints?

Bug Takes a Beating


On The Cover:

Nadir Nelson’s painting “Tulsa” evokes both what had flourished and what was destroyed in a Black community in Oklahoma in 1921. African American families thrived in Tulsa’s Greenwood district until white mobs’ rage erupted into arson, shootings, and the loss of as many as 300 lives — now known as the Tulsa Race Massacre.

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