National Geographic August 2020


National Geographic August 2020 Highlights:

Stopping Pandemics

New disease outbreaks such as COVID-19 serve as harsh reminders of how easy it is for us to infect one another. Looking at previous pandemics — and the heroes that fought them — can help us understand important lessons for today. But will we remember what we learned when the danger has passed?

Metropolis on Lockdown

To fight COVID-19, New Yorkers stayed in, cut back on travel, and shunned gatherings, leaving a perennially busy city oddly empty.

When Virtual Life Turns Into Quarantine

Isolating from each other in a health crisis is one thing. But when if we get so used to living virtual lives through our electronic devices that we never want to emerge? A digital native from Generation C (for coronavirus) ponders the question.

The Dodo’s New Look

Recent discoveries show that the bird was smarter and sleeker than its unflattering image in lore.

In Black and White

He likes the “difficult, slow” work of developing prints from film.

Water Everywhere and Nowhere

India, shaped by its rivers, now is facing a water crisis

The Fight to Be Heard

How U.S. women got the vote and left a legacy.

Scared All the Time

As the forest habitats of Uganda’s chimpanzees keep shrinking, the hungry animals regularly resort to taking crops — and sometimes carrying off children. The struggle pits humans’ needs against chimps’ needs, in a nation long committed to protecting the apes.


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