National Geographic October 2002


Death on the Nile
Death on the Nile Conspiracy, murder, revenge- it’s all at Saqqara, a cemetery of ancient Egypt’s rich and powerful. BY A. R. WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
In Focus: The West Bank { West Bank: Lines in the Sand; In Focus: Lines in the Sand: Deadly Times in the West Bank and Gaza}
In Focus: The West Bank Occupied since 1967, the heart- land of a future Palestinian state is a breeding ground for despair. BY ANDREW COCKBURN MAP SUPPLEMENT: MIDDLE EAST
Istanbul: City on Edge { Istanbul on Edge}
Istanbul on Edge Anxiety fills Turkey’s biggest city: The econ- omy is volatile, secularism is under fire, and an earthquake is coming. BY RICK GORE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEX WEBB
World Heritage Sites: Treasured Places { Saving Places}
Saving Places They need a world of support, and they’ ve got it. Today 730 World Heritage sites find salvation in the United Nations. BY TOM O’ NEILL
A Pharaoh’s Peacemaker { Secrets of Saqqara: A Pharaoh’s Peacemaker}
A Pharaoh’s Peacemaker The tomb of one of Ramses the Great’s top ambassadors is disclosing its secrets. BY ALAIN ZIVIE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PATRICK CHAPUIS
Tokyo Bay: Japan’s Barometer { Tokyo Bay}
Tokyo Bay In Japan all roads lead to Tokyo Bay. But the nation’s hub is being strangled by pollution and relentless development. BY TRACY DAHLBY PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL YAMASHITA
Hotspot: New Zealand { New Zealand}
Hotspot: New Zealand What happens when an archipelago populated by bizarre flightless birds is invaded by alien species? BY KENNEDY WARNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANS LANTING
Bob Dylan’s Hometown: Hibbing, MN { ZipUSA: 55746; ZipUSA: Hibbing, Minnesota}
ZipUSA: Hibbing, Minnesota A mining town produced a legendary artist, but Bob Dylan has been a Long Time Gone. BY SEAN ELDER PHOTOGRAPHS BY CATHERINE KARNOW


Included: Main map is a composite satellite image of the entire region with political boundaries superimposed; fact box for each country- -and for West Bank and Gaza Strip- -gives information on population, religion, GDP per capita, oil reserves, troop s
HEART OF THE MIDDLE EAST(20 1/8 x 31 1/8 inches)
Included: Main map shows Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, also parts of Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. ; Also included: Notes on Cyprus, West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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