National Geographic October 1997


County Fairs
America’s come- one, come- all celebrations have long knit communities out of scattered farm families. Now they do the same for city folk and suburbanites.
Zambezi { Down the Zambezi}
Life flows at the pace of a dugout canoe along this great river in the heart of Africa, blessed with fertile land, abundant wildlife, and the glory of Victoria Falls.
Pakistan { The Promise of Pakistan}
Fifty years after independence, the Asian nation founded as a Muslim homeland works to bolster its economy and confront its social ills.
Parasites: Looking for a Free Lunch
Most of earth’s creatures are freeloaders – – and those that aren’t are playing host. From the protozoans that cause malaria to the mites living on your skin, parasites range from deadly to benign.
Vincent van Gogh: Lullaby in Color
During the ten years before his death, the artist unleashed a passion for color that defines his paintings and marks him as a genius of unsurpassed vision.
Ancient Americans { The Most Ancient Americans}
Shattering assumptions, a well- preserved site at Monte Verde, Chile, yields proof that humans arrived in the Western Hemisphere more than 12, 000 years ago.

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