National Geographic October 1989


New Zealand’s Magic Waters
A rich and beguiling tapestry of life fills the seas off New Zealand. Underwater photographer David Doubilet portrays this vivid world.
Copán: City of Kings and Commoners
New discoveries at Copan in western Honduras help explain the mysterious collapse of this Maya capital a millennium ago. Archaeologist George E. Stuart and photographer Kenneth Garrett document the work of an international team of scholars.
Copán: A Royal Tomb Discovered { Copán: A Royal Maya Tomb Discovered}
Last June, for the first time in a century of excavation at Copan, the tomb of a Maya nobleman was unearthed there. Archaeologists Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle and William L. Fash, Jr. , report on their find. Photographs by Kenneth Garrett.
Photography’s First Fifty Years { Seizing the Light: Photography at 150; Seizing the Light: Photography’s First Fifty Years}
In the 150th year of the practical art of picture taking, historic images show the advances made in the opening five decades. With an evocative essay by Erla Zwingle.
Heyday of the Horse Ferry
In the early 1800s ferries powered by horses and mules plied rivers and lakes of the eastern United States, though they were soon displaced by the steamboat. Marine archaeologist Donald G. Shomette reports on one such teamboat sunk in Lake Champlain.
La Ruta Maya
From the buried cities of one of the greatest American civilizations, the ancient Maya still speak – – if you can get close enough to listen. In a major report, Editor Wilbur E. Garrett traces the Maya culture and outlines an ambitious plan for 1, 500- m

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