National Geographic October 1988


The Afrikaners
A new generation tries to outlive the stereotype of a rigid, God- chosen people born to rule. Distinguished Afrikaner author Andre Brink and photographer David Turnley sensitively portray South Africa’s white tribe today.
In Search of Modern Humans { The Search for Modern Humans}
Homo sapiens – – wise man – – appeared only some 100, 000 years ago. Who were these latecomers of human ancestry? Where and how did they live? Senior Assistant Editor John J. Putnam and photographers Sisse Brimberg and Ira Block follow their fascinating
Discovering the Tomb of a Moche Lord { Richest Unlooted Tomb of a Moche Lord; Discovering the New World’s Richest Unlooted Tomb}
In northern Peru archeologists find the spectacular burial place of a pre- Inca warrior- priest. Project director Walter Alva, archaeologist Christopher B. Donnan, photographer Bill Ballenberg, and artist Ned Seidler bring the Lord of Sipan and his cultu
Weapons Cache of Ancient Americans { Clovis Cache Found: Weapons of Ancient Americans}
A Washington apple orchard yields the largest Clovis spearpoints ever found. Archaeologist Peter J. Mehringer, Jr. , and Warren Morgan report.
Treasures of Lascaux Cave { Art Treasures from the Ice Age: Lascaux Cave}
Paleolithic artists recorded their world on walls of a French cavern. Dr. Jean- Phillipe Rigaud, Sisse Brimberg, and Norbert Aujoulat detail its glories.
Unraveling the Mystery of the Warrior- Priest { Iconography of the Moche: Unraveling the Mystery of the Warrior- Priest}
Moche pottery drawings and artifacts from a warrior- priest tomb at Sipan are used to reconstruct the identify of its human remains.
The Peopling of the Earth { Where Did We Come From? }
A timeless question with no clear answers, experts study prehistoric human migratory patterns in search of our origins.
Air Bridge to Siberia
Alaskan Eskimos reverse their forebears’ migration path, reopening contact across the Bering Sea. Wilbur E. Garrett and Steve Raymer go along.
The Hmong in America: Laotian Refugees in the Land of the Giants
U. S. allies in the Vietnam War, nearly 100, 000 of these Laotians now live here. Spencer Sherman and Dick Swanson document their culture shock.
An Ice Age Ancestor?
Prehistoric art expert Alexander Marshack describes scientific efforts to test the antiquity of an astoundingly realistic carved image of a man.

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