National Geographic October 1978


An American Retraces Travels With a Donkey { Travels With a Donkey- -100 Years Later}
Carolyn Bennett Patterson and a four- legged friend named Modestine retrace Robert Louis Stevenson’s walk across the Cevennes region of France. Photographs by Cotton Coulson.
The Sunken Treasure of St. Helena
After centuries on the bottom, a Dutch East Indiaman yields up a precious cargo. Marine archaeologist Robert Stenuit tells of the discovery, photographed by Bates Littlehales.
Nebraska’s Sand Hills { Land of Long Sunsets: Nebraska’s Sand Hills}
Nebraska’s Sand Hills hold a bonanza of water and a bounty of grass, supporting a hardy breed of ranchers whose lives link the Old West with the electronic age. John Madson and photographer Jodi Cobb report.
Dream On, Vancouver
Canada’s thriving port on the Pacific draws nourishment from the northwest wilds and a rich cultural diversity. By Mike Edwards, with photographs by Charles O’ Rear.
Djibouti, Tiny New Nation on Africa’s Horn
Caught between war- torn Ethiopia and Somalia, a former French colony at the mouth of the Red Sea tries to stay neutral while wrestling with economic birth pangs. A picture story by Marion Kaplan.
Conversations With a Gorilla
Using sign language and a speech synthesizer, a brainy lady named Koko chats with scientists, teases, argues, even lies to avoid being punished. Primate researcher Francine Patterson describes the breakthrough, photographed by Ronald H. Cohn.

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