National Geographic October 1976


[ Hokule’ a] Follows the Stars to Tahiti
Like Polynesians of old, a modern- day crew guides a canoe across 3, 000 miles of ocean, navigating by wind, wave, and celestial beacons. David Lewis and Nicholas deVore III share the adventure.
Florida, Noah’s Ark for Exotic Newcomers
Giant toads that poison dogs, catfish that walk, weeds that choke waterways threaten Florida’s ecology. By Rick Gore and David Doubilet.
A Good Life on the Potomac { A Long Life, a Good Life on the Potomac}
Carolinas Peyton, a vigorous 88, finds abundance for body and spirit in tilling 50 beloved acres beside the river’s broad reaches. A picture essay by James L. Stanfield.
The Nation’s River
Storied stream of history, beauty, and endangered bounty, the Potomac and its byways are re- explored by native son Allen C. Fisher, Jr. , and photographer James L. Stanfield.
Pioneers Head North to Canada’s Now Frontier { Canada’s Now Frontier}
Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, sends a new generation of pioneers to the far- flung oil and gas outposts and boomtowns of the frozen north. Robert Paul Jordan and Lowell Georgia report.
Coober Pedy: Opal Capital of Australia’s Outback
Kenny Moore and Penny Tweedie follow the hardy men and women who brave Coober Pedy’s hardship for a share of its gem bonanza.

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