National Geographic October 1972


Mercury, Man’s Deadly Servant { Quicksilver and Slow Death}
Mercury has many useful properties, but it also poisons air, water, and food, resulting in tragedy for mankind.
Baja California’s Rugged Outback
The arid, sparsely populated peninsula jutting south of California belongs to Mexico and offers sun, solitude, pure air, and good fishing.
Driving the Mexican 1000: Rocks, Ruts, and Sand { Roughest Road Race: the Mexican 1000; Rocks, Ruts, and Sand: Driving the Mexican 1000}
Truck drivers carved the only road winding the length of Baja California. Each November racers tackle perhaps the world’s toughest racecourse – – for fun.
Swimming With Patagonia’s Right Whales
A recently discovered herd of southern right whales finds winter refuge off South America.
Amazon- -The River Sea
Flowing across 4, 000 miles and together with its tributaries covers six nations, the international waterway is open to all. A yearlong survey takes the author from planned cities to Indian villages, and across the world’s largest rain forest.
The Swallow- tailed Kite: Graceful Aerialist of the Everglades
In late February and March the agile birds arrive from South America to breed in treetop aeries.
India’s Energetic Sikhs
A religion that blends elements of Islam and Hinduism claims the allegiance of ten million Indians, the majority living in Punjab.

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