National Geographic October 1957


Poets’ Voices Linger in Scottish Shrines: Tam o’ Shanter, Macbeth, Rob Roy, and the Lady of the Lake Still Haunt the Lochs and Braes of Bonnie Scotland
Ghosts of novelist and poets, philosophers and historians walk the land that gave them inspiration.
History of the National Geographic
A new book by Chairman of the Board Gilbert H. Grosvenor offers an insider’s view of his 55 years as Editor of the magazine.
Ballerinas in Pink: Fifty Flamingos March in Formation in a Bahamian Garden, Performing an Extraordinary Drill to Human Command
The choreographed moves of captive flamingos led by a trainer, belie the aloof nature of these elegant birds when in the wild.
Beauty and Bounty of Southern State Trees: Dixie’s Fragrant Pines, Shiny Magnolias, and Brooding Oaks- -Inspiration to Patriots and Poets- -Now Yield a Wealth of New Products
Writer William A. Dayton and artist Walter A. Weber describe the ornamental and practical aspects of southern and southwestern trees.
Gypsy Cave Dwellers of Andalusia
Doorways dot the hillsides in a region where cavern communities number in the thousands.
The Elephant and I: Ponderous, Strong, Skillful- -and Ticklish- -the Mighty Pachyderm Serves Southern Asians as a Four- footed Jungle Bulldozer
An officer of the Indian Forest Service earns a working knowledge of trained Indian elephants.

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