National Geographic November 1950


We Took the Highroad in Afghanistan
Jean and Franc Shor were the first westerners in 100 years to traverse the remote Wakhan district in Afghanistan, across the roof of the world.
Miami’s Expanding Horizons
Miami’s explosive growth has seen a corresponding boom in the city’s cultural institutions, spearheaded by the University of Miami.
Vizcaya: An Italian Palazzo in Miami
In 1916, an International Harvester executive recreated an Italian palazzo in Miami, Florida. Today, this spectacular complex is home to a collection of European art and architecture.
Baltic Cruise of the [ Caribbee]
The Caribbee undertakes a cruise among the skerries, or small islands, of the Baltic, near Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.
Here Come the Marines
Marine Corps history extends 175 years, from a small band recruited at Philadelphia’s Tun Tavern by the Continental Congress, to 485, 000 men fighting in World War II.

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