National Geographic October 1955


Paris to Antwerp with the Water Gypsies: An American Joins a French Family Aboard the Canal Barge [ Saïgon] to Explore the Inland Waterways of France and Belgium
An American joins a French family aboard the canal barge Saigon to explore the inland waterways of France and Belgium.
To the Land of the Head- hunters: An Ornithologist Finds Bird Rarities and Glimpses a Dying Culture in Innermost New Guinea
Ornithologist E. Thomas Gilliard finds rare birds and glimpses a fading headhunting culture in innermost New Guinea.
The Incredible Kangaroo: Australia’s Famous Marsupial Sits on Its Tail, Fights Like a Man, Bounces Like a Steel Spring, and Graces a Coat of Arms
Australia’s famous marsupial is a pouched charmer who sits on its tail, fights like a man, and ranges from a bumblebee- size baby to a seven- foot adult.
Caldy, the Monks’ Island
A Cistercian monastery stands at the center of this small island off the coast of Wales.
Photographing a Volcano in Action
Eastman Kodak Chairman of the Board Thomas J. Hargrave records a fiery new cone bursting on the slopes of Hawaii’s Kilauea.
October Holiday on the Outer Banks: Legends of Shipwrecked Galleons, Pirate Lairs, and the Lost Colony Enliven North Carolina’s Wind- swept Island Playground
Legends of shipwrecked galleons, pirate lairs, and the Lost Colony enliven North Carolina’s wind swept island playground.

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