National Geographic October 1948


Uncle Sam Bends a Twig in Germany
The German Youth Activities ( GYA) effort of the U. S. military government is reorganizing postwar German schools and youth activities.
Feudal Splendor Lingers in Rajputana
Many maharajahs have given up power to take part in the democratic government of India, but in Jaipur the traditional life still holds sway.
Brazil’s Land of Minerals
Brazil’s Minas Gerais ( General Mines) , is a large mountain- rumpled state. Here mineral wealth is painfully wrestled from the earth by generations of resourceful and hardy miners.
Aroostook County, Maine, Source of Potatoes
At the northern end of U. S. Rt. 1, Aroostook County grows more potatoes than anywhere else in the country. Potatoes provide a living, but fishing is life.
Exploring Aleutian Volcanoes
Understanding the geography and behavior of volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands is essential for planning civilian and military activities. A U. S. Geological Survey team studied these volcanoes for several years.

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