National Geographic September 1940


The Tuna Harvest of the Sea: A Little- known Epic of the Ocean Is the Story of Southern California’s Far- ranging Tuna Fleet
A journalist joins a hardworking crew of fishermen, and learns that tuna fishing boats roam the ocean from San Diego to Peru all year long.
Great Stone Faces of the Mexican Jungle: Five Colossal Heads and Numerous Other Monuments of Vanished Americans Are Excavated by the Latest National Geographic- Smithsonian Expedition
An archaeological expedition to southeastern Mexico unearths five giant stone heads and other artifacts.
The American Virgins: After Dark Days, These Adopted Daughters of the United States Are Finding a New Place in the Caribbean Sun
Sold to the United States in 1917 by the Danes, the three Caribbean islands of St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix are rising from economic depression.
On the Corte?s Trail
Retracing the 1519 journey of Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes, a team led by Luis Marden treks from Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico, to Mexico City.
The Rock of Gibraltar: Key to the Mediterranean
This photographic essay highlights the people of Gibraltar as well as the 1, 395- foot limestone rock that symbolizes this gateway to the Mediterranean.

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