National Geographic November 1997


North Woods Journal { A Special Place: North Woods Journal}
Deep in the Minnesota wilderness, where pine trees claw the surface of dark lakes, a native son records his habitat in a personal journey of discovery.
Aging- -New Answers to Old Questions
In the face of an exploding elderly population, scientists study how and why humans age, and seek the secrets of longer, healthier lives.
Quebec’s Quandary
After a troubled 130- year marriage to English- speaking Canada, the French- speaking province is weighing the pros and cons of calling it quits.
Hutsul Village { Portrait of a Hutsul Village; Portrait of a Village: The Hutsuls of Ukraine}
In the seclusion of Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains, the Hutsul people are regaining ancestral lands and reviving cherished traditions suppressed by the former Soviet Union.
Flies That Fight
Flies with spreading antlers that battle like miniature elk for mates? Take a ringside seat for the rain forest brawl.
Nepal’s Forgotten Corner { Mustang, Nepal’s Forgotten Corner}
Long isolated by topography and regional politics, the picturesque realm of Mustang is now open to the outside world.
Rafting in Uzbekistan { Wilderness Rafting Siberian Style}
A fearless Siberian team takes handmade equipment to the edge on the raging Oygaing River in Uzbekistan.

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