National Geographic November 1954


Saving Man’s Wildlife Heritage: For Half a Century the National Audubon Society Has Fostered Understanding of Nature and Fought for Conservation
For over 50 years, the National Audubon Society has fostered the understanding of nature and fought for conservation.
In the Wilds of a City Parlor: For His City- bred Youngsters a Fond Father Creates Miniature Ponds and Woodlands, Tropical Lagoons, and Deserts Teeming with Life
To introduce his children to the wonders of nature, biologist Dr. Paul A. Zahl created aquariums and terrariums with fish, amphibians, and plants in the parlor of his New York City apartment.
How the Kazakhs Fled to Freedom: Decimated by Chinese Reds and the Hazards of a Hostile Land, Nomads of the Steppes Trekked 3, 000 Miles to Kashmir
To escape the Chinese communists, the Kazakh nomads from Sinkiang Province trekked 3, 000 miles to safety in Kashmir. Of the 4, 000 families who started the journey, only 350 individuals arrived at the end.
New York Again Hails the Horse: Founded 71 Years Ago, the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden Climaxes Some 1, 500 Smaller Shows Across the Nation
Founded 71 years ago, the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden is the climax of some 1, 500 smaller shows across the nation.
Golden Beaches of Portugal: Off Sun- drenched Shores the Author Helps Reap the Sea’s Harvest in Ways Little Changed Since the Days of the Phoenicians
Off the sun- drenched shores of Portugal, fishermen reap the sea’s harvest in ways little changed since Phoenician times. Old fisherman cling to traditional fishing methods, fearing that modern techniques will rapidly deplete the supply of fish and brin

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