National Geographic November 1948


4- H Boys and Girls Grow More Food
The 4- H clubs across America are training grounds for future farmers, horticulturists, conservationists, as well as homemakers. Country fairs and expositions around the nation showcase the accomplishments of school age club members and adult volunteers.
Sailing with Sindbad’s Sons
Sail the monsoon winds with Arab sailors, in a vessel little changed since Biblical times.
The Fire of Heaven: Electricity Revolutionizes the Modern World
In the span of a single lifetime, electricity has become not only a provider of comfort and luxury, but an indispensable engine driving modern civilzation
Portugal Is Different
Once the premier seafaring nation in the world, Portugal relies on cork and wine exports, and the influx of tourists to sustain her postwar economy.
The Purple Land of Uruguay
Uruguay, the smallest and most densely populated South American nation, is known mostly for cattle ranches, but also attracts tourists.

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