National Geographic August 1941


Bombs over Bible Lands
In Syria, Palestine, and Iraq, where Romans, Babylonians, and Assyrians once battled, Germany and Russia vie for control of the oil- rich nations, disrupting historic lands with bombs, planes, and tanks.
Once in a Lifetime: Black Bears Rarely Have Quadruplets, But Goofy Did- -and the Camera Caught Her Nursing Her Remarkable Family
In California’s Sequoia National Park, a black bear rears her four cubs, quietly observed by a photographer.
Tarheelia on Parade: Versatile and Vibrant, North Carolina in a Generation Has Climbed New Economic Heights
From Atlantic shores to tobacco farms to the highest peaks in the East, North Carolina’s industry is surging forward.
Lisbon- -Gateway to Warring Europe
As a bridge between tumultuous Europe and the rest of the world, Portugal is transformed by war, especially its capital, Lisbon.
Our Insect Fifth Column: Alien Enemies Take Steady Toll of Food, Trees, and Treasure by Boring from Within
Insects such as the boll weevil, Japanese beetle, gypsy moth, and mosquito sabotage America’s crops, shelter, and health.

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