National Geographic May 2021


National Geographic May 2021 Highlights:

The Ocean Issue


Secrets of the Whales

Some dolphins and whales have their own cultural traditions and dialects, characteristics once thought to be unique to humans.

Planet Ocean

About 70% of Earth’s surface is ocean. This is how it’s connected.

Rescuing Reefs

Images made years apart show how warming oceans harm corals.

28 Days Under the Sea

Diving on the floor of the Mediterranean, four explorers found amazing life-forms.

Searcher of the Deep

Decades after locating the wreck of the Titanic, Robert Ballard still hunts for cultural and scientific treasures.

Mining Marks a Landscape

Viewing mines from above, a photographer captures the results of extracting coal to fuel electric power planets.

Conservation’s Popularity Contest

Wildlife funding and advocacy focus most on charismatic species. Is it time to rethink that approach?

Ice Odyssey

A huge Antarctic iceberg posed a risk to an island wildlife preserve.

Bridging Cultures, Causes With Music

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma pairs concerts with activist events on environmental and other issues.

Fleeing the Flood

As waters threatened rare giraffes’ habitat, former enemies joined forces to move them via modern-day ark.


Green Chandelier

Ink From Pollution


On The Cover:

In South Pacific waters, a humpback whale calf focuses on photographer Brian Skerry, and vice versa Skerry has spent years observing the distinctive behaviors and traditions of many cetacean species.

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