National Geographic May 1998


Whitbread Race { The Whitbread- -Race Into Danger}
Violent seas of the southern Indian Ocean make for a wild ride for nine sloops sailing one of the roughest legs of an eighth- month round- the- world race.
Prince Edward Island: A World Apart No More
A pastoral realm of patchwork farms and sweeping Atlantic vistas, Canada’s smallest province braces for the changes brought by a new eight- mile bridge to the mainland.
Gray Wolves { Return of the Gray Wolf}
Three years into a controversial project to reestablish the predator in the lower 48 states, Canis lupus is well on its way to recovery. Not everyone is cheering.
The Millennium Series/ Physical World { Unlocking the Climate Puzzle}
Earth warms and cools in natural cycles over the eons, scientists say, but we may be altering the rhythm with our dependence on fossil fuels.
The Millennium Series/ Physical World { Cascadia: Living on Fire}
An earthquake and tsunami of cataclysmic scale struck the Pacific Northwest in A. D. 1700. The subterranean forces at work that day will rage again; unsettling news for a burgeoning region.
The Millennium Series/ Physical World { Physical World: How Will the Planet Change? }
In our continuing coverage of the issues facing us as the millennium nears, we examine an Earth in constant motion.

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