National Geographic May 1994


Turkey Struggles for Balance
At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, this progressive Muslim nation strives to carve out a major role in a diverse region beset by post- Cold War turmoil.
Siberian Cranes { The Fading Call of the Siberian Crane}
Imperiled by hunting and habitat loss, these majestic birds soar miles high to wintering grounds in Iran, India, and China. Will the fight to save them succeed?
Michelangelo’s Last Judgment { Out of the Darkness: Michelangelo’s Last Judgment }
After years of painstaking restoration, the master’s fresco above the Sistine Chapel alter is reborn in an explosion of color – – an enduring testament to genius and devotion.
Alaska’s Sky- High Wilderness { Wrangell- St. Elias National Park: Alaska’s Sky- High Wilderness}
Only a handful of homesteaders, prospectors, hunters, and visitors tackle the unforgiving terrain of our largest national park. With a double map supplement of Alaska.
Rice, the Essential Harvest
Symbol of life, wealth, and fertility from ancient times, rice even today sustains half the world.
English Channel Tunnel { The Light at the End of the Chunnel}
Joining England and France in a marriage of convenience, the 31- mile- long Chunnel opens this month – – and may shrink the difference between historic squabblers.

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