National Geographic May 1988


Fleas: The Lethal Leapers
Biologist- photographer Nicole Duplaix investigates the incredible feats of these infamous insects, whose ability to pass plague to humans changed the course of history.
Living in Harm’s Way- -The Persian Gulf { The Persian Gulf- -Living in Harm’s Way}
In a timely report from the strategic waterway, Thomas J. Abercrombie and photographer Steve Raymer describe the people caught in the shadow of the ongoing Iraq- Iran war.
Death of a Star { Supernova- -Death of a Star}
Suddenly last year a new light blazed in the southern skies, giving astronomers an unprecedented look at a supernova a mere 170, 000 light- years away. Astrophysicist Robert P. Kirshner explains the phenomenon; Roger H. Ressmeyer photographs its study ar
India’s Unpredictable Kerala, Jewel of the Malabar Coast { Kerala, Jewel of India’s Malabar Coast}
A national pacesetter in health, education, and religious tolerance, this cosmopolitan state on India’s southwestern coast has never shied from political controversy, according to Peter Miller. Photographs by Raghubir Singh.
Wool- -Fabric of History
In a world- ranging quest, fashion expert Nina Hyde and photographer Cary Wolinski explore the extraordinary fiber, gift of wandering animals, that is still vital to human culture.

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