National Geographic May 1987


Fifty million Ukrainians struggle to maintain their language, their religious faith, and their sense of identity in a Soviet republic larger than France. But they tread a fine line, senior writer Mike Edwards and photographer Steve Raymer report.
Chernobyl- -One Year After
Mike Edwards and Steve Raymer visit the region of the world’s worst nuclear- power accident to learn what really happened and what the long- range consequences may be.
At Home With the Arctic Wolf
In Canada’s far north, wildlife biologist L. David Mech and photographer Jim Brandenburg win the trust of a wolf pack and record the behavior of the elusive animals at remarkably close range.
New Zealand: the Last Utopia?
In this scenic isolated nation, where sheep outnumber citizens, New Zealanders are grappling with world problems in a thoroughly modern way, according the Robert P. Jordan. Photographs by Kevin Fleming.
The Captivating Kiwifruit
What’s homely on the outside, jewel- like on the inside, and can be served sliced or poured? Noel D. Vietmeyer and photographer Jim Brandenburg describe New Zealand’s hairy berry that has taken the world by storm.

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