National Geographic May 1978


Hawaii’s Wildlife Paradise { Hawaii’s Far- flung Wildlife Paradise}
Lonely outcrops of coral and lava far west of the main islands shelter seals, turtles, and millions of birds. John L. Eliot and Jonathan Blair explore a little- known ocean realm.
Alone Across the Outback
With four camels and a dog named Diggity, young Robyn Davidson ventures 1, 700 miles across Australia’s western wilderness. Photographer Rick Smolan records high and low points of her extraordinary journey.
Holland’s Beautiful Business of Tulips { The Beautiful Business of Tulips; Tulips: Holland’s Beautiful Business}
Four centuries of bulb culture have made those early spring flowers an economic mainstay of the Netherlands, where their beauty once nearly led to financial ruin. By Elizabeth A. Moize and Farrell Grehan.
Nashville: More Than Music { There’s More to Nashville than Music}
An upbeat theme resounds in unexpected aspects of Music City, U. S. A. Michael Kernan and Jodi Cobb capture the harmony.
Mexico: Its Beautiful Challenge { Mexico: New Era of Challenge; Mexico: A Very Beautiful Challenge }
A bonanza of newfound oil lifts hopes of a culturally rich but land- poor nation plagued by unemployment. Mike Edwards and Thomas Nebbia assess its prospects today.
Mexico: Its Lively Folk Art { Mexican Folk Art: It’s a Way of Life}
From papier- mache devils to painted saints, vibrant creations of self- taught craftsmen preserve centuries- old artistry. Ethnologist Fernando Horcasitas surveys their work, photographed by David Hiser.

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