National Geographic May 1965


Shrimp Nursery: Science Explores New Ways to Farm the Sea
Research into the life cycle of the pink shrimp aids commercial fisheries and may help fish farming in the future. The author visits shrimp farmers in Japan where Japanese kuruma shrimp are raised.
Profiles of the Presidents: The Third of Five Articles { The American Giant Comes of Age}
A Harvard historian traces the development of the United States as a world power and industrial giant through the lives and tenures of its leaders, from Abraham Lincoln to William McKinley, 1861 to 1901.
[ Yankee] Cruises the Storied Nile
A husband- and- wife sailing team takes a ketch from Alexandria to Upper Egypt, stopping to explore riverside landmarks and enjoy the hospitality of Egyptians.
Surtsey: Island Born of Fire
The volcano that broke the surface of the North Atlantic off Iceland in November 1963 keeps growing and growing. The author endures wilting heat and sulfuric stench for close- up pictures.

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