National Geographic May 1957


The Wichitas: Land of the Living Prairie: Buffalo, Longhorns, and Other Stalwarts of the Old West Come Back in Oklahoma’s Unique Mountain Wildlife Refuge
Buffalo and elk of the Wild West roam free in Oklahoma’s mountain refuge.
We’ re Coming Over on the [ Mayflower] : In a Dramatic Good- will Gesture, Britishers Built a New Pilgrim Ship to Sail Across the Sea as a Gift to All Americans
British gift of good will, a carefully researched replica of the pilgrim ship sails for the U. S.
The Balearics Are Booming: Low- cost Living Beneath Azure Skies Lures Vacationing Throngs to Spain’s Sunny Mediterranean Isles of Peace
Hotels overflow with bargain- savvy tourists vacationing under perfect skies on Spanish Majorca and its two sister islands.
Shrimpers Strike Gold in the Gulf: Trawlers Drag Rich New Grounds in the Gulf of Mexico at Night, Making the Humble Shrimp America’s King of Sea Food
High yields from deepwater trawling methods vault shrimpers to the top of the U. S. seafood market.
Captain Smith of Jamestown
An adventurous Englishman leads an ailing colony while mapping the New World.

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