National Geographic May 1953


The GI and the Kids of Korea: America’s Fighting Men Share Their Food, Clothing, and Shelter with Children of a War- torn Land
The conflict in Korea has orphaned many thousands of children and sent many more adrift without their families. This article details the role of the U. S. Army in rescuing these abandoned waifs, and establishing schools, orphanages, and efforts to provid
School for Survival: High in the Sierra Nevada, Airmen Who May Be Forced Down Learn How to Stay Alive Until Rescued
High in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the U. S. Air Force runs a survival school to teach air crews, who may be forced down in the line of duty, how to stay alive until rescued.
Silkworms in England Spin for the Queen: In a 15th- century Castle, Thousands of Pampered Larvae Make Silk for Elizabeth’s Coronation Robe
The silk farm at Lullingstone Castle in Kent, southeast of London, supplies the material for the coronation robes of Queen Elizabeth II.
American Wild Flower Odyssey: A Lifetime’s Search Covers Deserts, Mountains, and Lowlands; Prizes Range from Maine Orchids to Texas Cacti
The United States has about 25, 000 different species of wildflowers, 28 of which are pictured in this article by the president of the Wild Flower Preservation Society.
Macau, a Hole in the Bamboo Curtain
The tiny Portuguese colony of Macau is an outpost of Western freedom and trade along the border of communist China. It also has a somewhat lurid reputation as a haven for gamblers, smugglers, drug dealers, and spies.
India’s Sculptured Temple Caves
The cliffs of Ajanta and Ellora, in the Indian state of Hyderabad, contain elaborate temples carved from the rock by Buddhist monks, 200 years before the birth of Christ.
Burr Prizes Awarded to Dr. Edgerton and Dr. Van Biesbroeck
For their extraordinary contributions to science in the fields of electrical engineering ( Dr. Edgerton) and astronomy ( Dr. Van Beisbroeck) , these two scientists have been awarded the Society’s Franklin I. Burr prize.

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