National Geographic March 2008


Inside Animal Minds: Birds, Apes, Dolphins, and a Dog With a World- Class Vocabulary { Minds of Their Own; Animal Minds}
Brainy fellow creatures show that humans are not alone in their ability to invent, plan, or contemplate. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY VINCENT J. MUSI
Pacific Migration { The Pacific’s Ancient Mariners; Pioneers of the Pacific; Peopling the Pacific; Beyond the Blue Horizon: Peopling the Pacific}
An important archaeological find is helping experts piece together an enduring puzzle: how voyagers in simple canoes managed to colonize the vast Pacific’s island outposts. BY ROFF SMITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN ALVAREZ
Mega- projects in Iceland { Iceland’s Heated Debate; Iceland’s Power Struggle}
Close- knit Icelanders are proud of their beautiful country. But now they face a divisive challenge of protecting the environment while expanding the economy. BY MARGUERITE DEL GIUDICE PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONAS BENDIKSEN
Bhutan’s Great Experiment { Bhutan’s Enlightened Experiment}
A Himalayan kingdom trades poverty and isolation for GNH- Gross National Happiness- and a daring move to democracy. BY BROOK LARMER PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNSEY ADDARIO
Search for the God Particle { The God Particle; At the Heart of All Matter: The God Particle}
Physicists have high hopes for Europe’s giant new atom smasher- they want nothing less than to crack the code of the physical universe. BY JOEL ACHENBACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER GINTER

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