National Geographic March 1978


Wondrous Eyes of Science { Eyes of Science}
Whether probing the atom, mapping far- off galaxies, or exploring the brain, the camera and other modern means of image making reveal the unknown. Rick Gore and James P. Blair survey an incredible technology.
Easygoing, Hardworking Arkansas
Hustle and imagination break the backwoods stereotype of an increasingly productive state. But Boyd Gibbons and Matt Bradley still find lots of down- home hospitality.
The Change in Spain { Spain: It’s a Changed Country}
Visitors still find castles, castanets, wine, and sun- filled skies, but the Spaniards are struggling toward an even headier reality – – democracy. Peter T. White and David Alan Harvey report on the post- Franco era.
The Thousand- mile Glide
Riding mountain winds, a veteran sailplaner soars nonstop from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and home again the same day. Karl Striedieck tells of his world- record flight; photographs by Otis Imboden.
The Fish With Bifocals { The Four- eyed Fish Sees All}
Built- in bifocals give this tropical surface swimmer the ability to see clearly in air and water simultaneously. A picture story by biologist Paul A. Zahl.
Ladakh- -The Last Shangri- la
Time- hallowed faith and pageantry order life in a lofty Himalayan realm. Story and photographs by Thomas J. Abercrombie.

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