National Geographic March 1972


Canada’s Window on the Pacific: The British Columbia Coast
Canada’s gateway city to the Far East, Vancouver attracts a growing population to a scenic wonderland of glacier- carved fjords, evergreen forests, fishing communities, and a reviving Haida Indian culture.
The Asmat of New Guinea, Headhunters in Today’s World
Tribesmen in remote areas still practice this grisly rite – – outlawed by Indonesia since 1963 – – and keep the dried relics to drive off ghosts.
North to the Tundra { Birds of the Alaskan Tundra}
A photographic essay profiles flocks of land birds and waterfowl that migrate to ancestral breeding grounds each spring.
North to the Tundra { Mammals of the Alaskan Tundra}
The caribou, arctic fox, Dall sheep, and grizzly survive the tough winters here. Can they withstand man’s greed for the region’s mineral treasures?
North to the Tundra { Portrait of a Fierce and Fragile Land}
Tundra – – the harsh, treeless beltway around the Arctic – – covers roughly one- twentieth of the Earth’s land surface.
North to the Tundra { Re- creating a Vanished World}
Lions, camels, and mammoths roamed Alaska 12, 000 years ago. In a supplement to this issue, artist- naturalist Jay H. Matternes portrays 31 species, most now extinct.
North to the Tundra { Plants of the Alaskan Tundra}
The glories of spring and summer in the far north are the focus of these photographs.
On the Road With an Old- time Circus
A close- knit family of circus folk bring clowns, elephants, and high- wire acts to eager audiences in out- of- the- way places.

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