National Geographic March 1958


Rare Birds Flock To Spain’s Marismas: The Roadless Swamps and Pasturelands of Sunny Andalusia Offer Sanctuary to Europe’s Disappearing Wildlife
Crowded out by expanding human populations, some 200 species of European birds thrive in marshes in southern Spain.
Bristlecone Pine, Oldest Known Living Thing
Some of these ancient trunks sprouted from seed in the western United States about the same time the pyramids were rising in Egypt.
Russell Cave: New Light on Stone Age Life: Latest Excavations Show the Cavern Was Inhabited Nine Thousand Years Ago
Members of a Smithsonian- National Geographic expedition collect two and a half tons of artifacts in an Alabama cave.
[ Calypso] Explores an Undersea Canyon: Bobbing on 5 1/ 2 Miles of Anchor Line, the Famed Research Vessel Probes the Secrets of the Atlantic’s Romanche Trench
Tethered to Jacques- Yves Cousteau’s research ship by a five- and- a- half- mile- long cable, a deepwater camera finds sea stars living in the Atlantic’s Romanche Trench.
Argentina: Young Giant of the Far South
Jean and Franc Shor tour Argentina and discover a nation of immigrants, as diverse in people as it is in geography.
National Geographic Society Presents Russell Cave to the American People
The National Park System guarantees preservation of a limestone cave, where man lived over 9, 000 years ago.

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