National Geographic March 1957


Children’s Art Around the World
A Philadelphia artist’s collection showcases elves, dervishes, and dancing grasshoppers portrayed in the guileless style of children.
History Awakens at Harpers Ferry: Where West Virginia Meets the Blue Ridge, a Town That Remembers John Brown’s Raid Becomes a New National Monument
Strategically located at the confluence of two rivers, this West Virginia town saw John Brown’s raid of the federal armory, followed by skirmishes between North and South that left the burg in ruins.
Stalking the Great Indian Rhino: Asia’s Armor- plated Rhinoceros, Who Carries a Fortune on His Nose, Makes a Last Stand in Sanctuaries Deep in Assam’s Rainy Wilds
Only a few hundred of these massive beasts survive the demand for farmland and, more critically, for their medicinally valuable horns.
MATS: America’s Long Arm of the Air: To Stay in Fighting Trim, Flying Truck Drivers of the Military Air Transport Service Operate a World- girdling Airline
The Flying Truck Drivers of the Military Air Transport Service move more cargo than the five largest U. S. commerical airlines combined.
Changing Formosa, Green Island of Refuge: Spurred by United States Aid, Nationalist China’s Offshore Stronghold Takes Giant Strides Toward Self- sufficiency in the Free World
Nationalist Chinese work toward self- sufficiency alongside native Taiwanese, with U. S. aid and Western influence shaping their goals.
John Oliver La Gorce Is Elected Vice- Chairman of the Board, Melville Bell Grosvenor President and Editor of the National Geographic Society
The Society’s new Editor and President salutes his predecessor.
Freedom Flight from Hungary: A Story in Photographs
Driven over the border into Austria by Soviet tanks, tens of thousands of Hungarians seek freedom from oppression.
Paris Flea Market: Bargain- hunter’s Paradise: Wares Range from Antique Silver to Glass Eyes and Zinc Birdbaths; Haggling Is Half the Fun, but Let the Buyer Beware
Franc Shor speaks pig latin in his bid for an antique desk – – with mixed results.

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